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Suggestion Box

Why do I only have three votes? (direct link)
The concept about Suggestion Box is not only to get ideas about what to do, but get a better grasp at what the members at large think is the most important improvements to FetLife!  Thus, everybody gets 3 votes - so choose what you think are the most important!

How do I vote/unvote for a suggestion? (direct link)
 You vote for suggestions by clicking on the black box that says "Vote".  The number of votes you have left out of your three appears on the right hand side of the screen, and the list of what you have voted for is below that.  You can "unvote" by clicking on the red "Voted" button under the total number of votes.

Once a product is "In Progress", you can't unvote for it until it hits "Completed" - but then you automatically get your vote back!
I want to talk about a suggestion (direct link)
Talk away!  If you click on the suggestion itself, it goes to a detail screen - with comment features.  So get in there and campaign for it!
How do I find the Suggestion Box? (direct link)
We understand.  John has problems finding the box allll the time...

Look on your main feed page, right hand side, just under your Groups.  There is a link to it there.

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