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Official Organizer Wants Event Transferred (direct link)
If you are organizing an event, and someone else creates a FetLife event listing to promote it, give the caretakers a yell at support@fetlife.com.  We'll work with you to get it transferred over to you once you can show us that you are the event organizer.
Where is the event located? (direct link)
If the event organizer wishes to list where the event is located, there is a simple "map" link on the page that will bring Google Maps with the event's location.  
How can I delete my event? (direct link)
Event planning can have all sorts of hiccups - venues cancel, presenters get sick, vice squad raided last week, etc.   So sometimes you just need to delete an event that you've created.  How do you do that?  Simple - go to the Edit Event page.  Click on the "Delete Event" link, and it's gone!  An email will go out to everyone who has RSVPd to the event that it has been deleted.

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